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First Time Home Buyers

Congratulations on beginning your home search! This is a very exciting time, and following are some important first steps to take and things to consider to ensure a successful home buying process.


Get a loan pre-approval
Even if you know you can qualify, you need to be able to prove it to a seller. Most sellers, including all REO and short sale sellers, will not review an offer without a loan pre-approval. A loan pre-approval can take a few days to get, so it’s the first step. If I show you a great deal today, you can’t buy it without one. A loan pre-approval will also tell you how much you qualify for — which is different than what you feel comfortable spending. Finally, a loan pre-approval will help to troubleshoot any potential problems in today’s rigorous financing market.

Understand your loan options
Do you want an FHA or conventional loan? What is mortgage insurance? Do you want to look at rehab loans? Go over these questions with me or a lender so you are prepared to take advantage of some very attractive financing options.

Define your search 
Let me know what you are looking for, and I can send you properties that are currently active, as well as properties that are recently sold, so that you can learn the market.

Understand the different types of properties
Confused about an REO, short sale, or probate? Let me know; let’s go over the different processes for buying each type of property.

Review an inspection report
Don’t know what to expect when inspecting? I can send you a sample inspection report to review so you can get a good idea of what you will find.

Is construction right for you?
Are you up for remodeling of expanding a home? Don’t commit to anything, but let’s go over the costs and benefits of remodels, expansions and new construction. It’s not always easy but you can make/save a lot of money building today.